May 8, 2022

#32 How Does God Judge?

How many times have you heard people turn to the expression, "only God can judge," as a means of getting out of an uncomfortable situation? It's a pretty neat way out, and, sure... it's important to remember that we are not called on to judge one another or anyone else for that matter. Judgment is God's alone. However, we will all be subject to God's judgment, so we better know how He does it, right? Join Ray for his final episode here at RECONNECT PODCAST as he explores the surprisingly uplifting examples of how and why God judges in the Bible.

Although Ray is stepping out to help out more in the Bible-study side of what we do, RECONNECT will be hosted by a new voice in our future episodes, so stick around for the exciting things to come!

Instagram: @asitisinheaven_blog

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